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Major in Advertising

Learn about the creative process of art direction, the details of media planning and the importance of account management.

Whether your objective is to work for an advertising agency, a major brand or a member of the professional advertising community in some other capacity, the undergraduate degree offered in the Stan Richards School of Advertising & Public Relations is designed to meet your goals. For 40 years our program has prepared and continues to train leaders in advertising/communications industries by combining field-specific expertise with real world experiences.

Every advertising student completes specialized coursework in advertising management, research, media and creative as well as elective coursework in several relevant subject areas. An internship is required, which gives every student a taste of the profession. The proportion of each type of study may vary according to the interests and goals of the individual student.

Students from a wide variety of backgrounds, and from all over the world, come to the Stan Richards School for their undergraduate education in advertising and strategic communications.

Advertising majors must complete at least 12 hours of advertising electives.  Although the large majority will create their own emphasis area using our numerous advertising electives, some will desire even more depth of study in one of three elective sequences. To meet their needs and to better bridge the gap between academia and industry, we offer three application-only programs as enhancements. Current enhancement programs offered are Texas Creative for future multimedia copywriters and art directors, Texas Media & Analytics for future media strategists and digital specialists and Texas Immersive for future experience designers. 

Elective Sequences

Texas Creative Students

Texas Creative

This sequence molds students into fearless experimental thinkers who are primed to create innovative advertising, branding and social messages that are delivered through a variety of integrated traditional and nontraditional media. The Texas Creative curriculum stresses big-idea branding, conceptual thinking, collaboration and creative development through a series of selective courses and seminars: Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Portfolio Development, Capstone Portfolio, Copywriting, Art Direction and many other frequent offerings. Upon completing the sequence, students graduate with portfolios, and a wealth of experience, that can assist them in landing positions in the industry.

Texas Media

Texas Media & Analytics

Texas Media & Analytics was founded in 1999 and remains today as the only comprehensive academic media program of its kind. This focused, three-course, by-application-only program is designed to supplement a general advertising and public relations degree at UT with a deep dive into new media ecology, numeracy and insights.

The program is available to all Stan Richards School advertising and public relations students who are seeking careers on both the quantitative and innovative sides of the media industry.

"As part of the Texas Media’s first-year cohort, I am thrilled to see the program continue to funnel digital, data, ad-tech, and innovations into media education to stay ahead of the changing media landscape."

- Danny H.
SVP/Client Business Partner, UM
Spring 1999 Media Cohort

Student using VR headset in Texas Immersive Program

Texas Immersive

Texas Immersive is an interdisciplinary specialization focused on four key areas: Audience – Story – Technology – Innovation. Developing these competencies will foster deep emotional connections, create lasting impact and prepare our students to take on real-world challenges. Overall, students will learn to become Experience Designers... those who understand how to target and build stronger relationships with audiences; tell stories and drive meaningful interactions in a connected environment; and create strong franchises using audience-centric activation models.