Master in Advertising Program

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Design an advertising degree to meet your goals and interests with a diversity of study options.

The flexibility of the M.A. program allows the student to create a graduate degree focused on their interests through the advertising electives and minors. Most students complete the M.A. program in eighteen to twenty-one months. 

Diversity of Study Options 

Although many of our students will create their own area of emphasis using our advertising electives and minor courses, some will desire even more depth of study in one area or another. To meet their needs and to better bridge the gap between academia and industry, we offer three programs as enhancements to our M.A. degree. Current enhancement programs are Media Insights, for future media strategists and digital specialists; Planning and Strategy, for those interested in uncovering insights into advertising communication strategy; and Texas Creative, for future digital copywriters and art directors. See the Graduate Brochure for more detailed information.


The Graduate Advisor, Dr. Gary Wilcox, is the overall director of Graduate Studies within the Department of Advertising. Dr. Wilcox approves the student's course selections each semester as well as all formal documents during the student's program of study. Each student is required to consult the Graduate Advisor prior to registration each semester so that advising bars may be cleared. An online advising site is available to facilitate the process.