Sussman, Kristen

Sussman Bio

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Sussman’s background lies within her experience as a leading voice and part of the first team to work on Facebook’s Facebook Page ( There Sussman had the opportunity to see first-hand how the company has successfully maintained its dominant position in the marketplace. Sussman brings additional expertise to her work as a researcher, having opened one of Austin's first social media agencies, Social Distillery. There, she and her team provided social media strategy, advertising, and creative services to longtime clients including Facebook, Dairy Queen, HPE (Micro Focus), Khoros (Spredfast), Chuy's Restaurants, JW Marriott, Intuit, KVUE-TV, Farm Credit Bank of Texas, among many others. The award-winning agency was acquired by Best Practice Media in 2019 prior to Sussman's return to full-time academia as a doctoral student, where she works as a Moody Fellow, teaching assistant, and researcher. Sussman's areas of interest include social media marketing, computational advertising, consumer behavior, and data science. Her current research uses behavioral “trace” data and explores topics of personal and socio-economic interest relating to consumer trust and privacy with Facebook, sequential advertising effects on social media, brand communication effects on ad recall through Facebook, and advertising effectiveness of Facebook media placements.