Sussman, Kristen

     Kristen Sussman is an advertising scholar and analytical marketer bringing more than ten years of experience to her research having built award-winning brand engagement strategies as a social media marketing agency entrepreneur. During her leadership, she founded Social Distillery, where she serviced national and global B2B and B2C accounts including Facebook, Dairy Queen, Chuy’s Restaurants, Khoros, Micro Focus (now HPE), Jive Software, KVUE-TV, and many others.

     With an advanced knowledge of native and third-party social media platforms, her research explores media effects, consumer behavior, and engagement in social networks. She uses behavioral trace data to understand advertising processing and explore framing effects of emotion. Kristen’s work examines research questions in online marketing, social media, and media measurement, and always aims to deliver theoretically relatable, applicable, and impactful research.

     Kristen’s work has been published in the International Journal of Advertising, Journal of Digital & Social Media Marketing, and Journal of Marketing Development and Competitiveness. She regularly presents her work at academic conferences and is a member of the American Academy of Advertising (AAA) and the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC).